Digging for nuggets from the dusty old storerooms of pop
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Left and to the Back is a blog exploring the dark and dusty world of flop singles and albums, the kind you may find lingering near the stock room of your local second hand record store (if you still have one), or perhaps going for extortionate sums on ebay. [Found whilst trying to answer this AskMe].
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Not to be confused with back and to the left, which this immediately made me think of.
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Transfusion - "slip the blood to me, Bud"
The Deal
A selection of 5 others from Kenny Everett's worst records.
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b33j - "Transfusion" is one of my favourite records. I have owned it since I was a wee punk and have bored... I mean entertained many visitors with it over the decades.
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Super fun. Tons of good stuff here...
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