That's a very nice rendering, Dave.
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How do robots see the world? This is an experiment in found machine-vision footage, exploring the aesthetics of the robot eye. [SLVimeo]
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Eye, Robot?
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Aye, robot.
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Remind me to invest in make-up company stocks.
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The Foundation: Book Six, The Ghost of The Mule.

Am I doing this right?

(I don't know why, but it made me laugh when the truck drove by and the computer eye was all like, "???")
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OK, computer.
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Yes, it is fascinating but the most bizarre thing about this video is that I have seen it mentioned by six different sources for the past two days. Two or three overlaps may happen from time to time, but this one obviously is special.

Why do so many independent observers feel compelled to post about it?
There must be some weird echo of the future in this one.
Like we are being observed?
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Good robot vision is 10100/10100.
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Why do so many independent observers feel compelled to post about it?

People seem to really love futuristicy stuff, but only if it's largely information-free. See most "info"graphics for more details.

(Also, this is not "how robots see the world". This is how humans visualize robots seeing the world.)
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Do they hear that soundtrack playing in the background too?
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See also my colleague Alexander Reben's cute documentary robot, Boxie.
Designed specifically based on its level of adorableness, Boxie, with its wobbly head and endearing, childlike voice, was able to get humans to interact with it and answer random “man on the street” interview questions, proving how one can easily leverage humans to complete goals.
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“I’m really short! Can you put me on the table, or hold me so I can see you?” (Aw. Yes, Boxie. I can!)

"My killsaws are really tiny! Could you stick your arm in this box?" Aw. Yes, Boxie. I aaaaghhh!

Aside from that potential development path, Boxie is kind of cool.
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Interesting, but its more like 'insight into visual processing algortihms of robots' than 'How do robots see the world'. Trying to imagine how a robot 'sees the world' is trying to imagine 'what it would be like to be a robot'. Even if you allow that it would be like something to be like a robot (i.e. allow that there is some subjective experiencing taking place) then it would still be a very alien experience to try and imagine, at least as difficult as trying to imagine what it might be like to be a bat.
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Looked more like AI-enhanced security reconnaissance, intended to aid humans. But the ambience was pleasantly surreal, so, like, yea, man. Robot Overlords and all that jazz.
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Fascinating(ly) scary video collection. I just saw something related in the NYT Science section. Japanese researchers are studying the four layers of the jumping spider's retina. They've figured out that certain textures or colors (green) are never in focus in one of the layers, and so on with the other layers. “It’s done in real time, so studying this may help develop better computer vision,” Dr. Koyanagi added.
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