An Alternative War
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An Alternative War is what we need.... Hell with operation "Enduring Freedom" we need "Operation Mammoth Clown Head". [via Cruel Site of the Day]
posted by DBAPaul (5 comments total)
more chance of working than the present operation!
posted by asok at 3:20 AM on October 9, 2001

Loved the phrase "theater of baffle," and that image of the clown head floating into sight above the masses...great link!

There's got to be an operation where we can utilize all those AOL CDs somehow. Or resurrect Carmen Miranda hats.
posted by Kato at 3:26 AM on October 9, 2001

Snazzy link, DBAPaul. Thanks.

Somehow I'm getting Operation Your Leader is a Sex Toy all muddled up with Operation (Man-) Pudding Missile, and my brain is not a pleasant place to be right at this moment - a nasty lipstick meatpile featuring George Bush, Jean Chretien and Kim Dae Jung.

posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:33 AM on October 9, 2001

Funny. Thanks for the link. In the next chapter, I think big mocking balloons of SHussein would be great.
posted by ParisParamus at 6:17 AM on October 9, 2001

Finally! A effective alternative to random Tomahawk tossing.
posted by UncleFes at 8:58 AM on October 9, 2001

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