52 Songs 52 Stories
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52 Songs 52 Stories

It's a simple idea, really. Each week in 2012 I'm going to pick a song, usually at random. I'm going to write a very short story inspired by that song, and post a video for the song and a story here. From author Iain Rowan.
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Oh wow thanks for the link cjorgensen.
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A few years ago I remember thinking "It would be so cool if someone made a short film based on a song!" Then I realized I reverse-engineered the music video.

That said, I read the first story and liked it a lot. This is cool.
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I'm not a huge fan of the writing style--I can tell some of it is well-written, but it's just not my thing--but this idea is super, super cool. I'd rather do this than NaNo.
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I'd rather do this than NaNo.

Yes! I can do this! NaNo was just way too overwhelming for me. This I can do. Probably not well. But yes, I am pretty sure I just felt a very subtle, vaguely familiar spark.
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Shouldn't this be here, just for the name? Someone should write the story.
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88 Lines about 44 Mefites
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Thank you, all. Glad you liked the idea, feel free to pinch it, but let me know so I can read your stories too.
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