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Canada's Exclaim magazine former cartoonist Fiona Symth's new art. CHEEZ was originally a monthly comic/drawing published in Canada's Exclaim Magazine over a ten year period from 1992 to 2002. There were no editorial restrictions on the work apart from the monthly deadline and the colour restrictions of the paper (the art work had to be black and white). Each strip was created shortly before the deadline and numbered in chronological order. This CHEEZ will be drawn weekly and will continue with the same numbering sequence and restrictive palette. A collection of the first one hundred strips was published as CHEEZ 100 by Pedlar Press in 2001.
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I couldn't understand most of these. But then neither could my phone's browser, so that makes me feel less stupid.
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Ooh, Fiona Smyth, I love her stuff!

More on Cheez 100.

She recently wrote a children's book/graphic novel called The Never Weres. She was keeping a blog under that name until recently. Here is her older portfolio blog.

People in Toronto may know her best as the artist that painted the Sneaky Dee's sign?
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In my search for some context, I discovered, as noted above that her name is Fiona SMYTH.

These are... interesting, but I'm confused. Why is the 'house strip' of Exclaim magazine entitled CHEEZ? Does one have anything to do with the other?

Are the strips supposed to say something? They just seem to be sketchbook samples.
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Cheez is independent of Exclaim.

Exclaim is a free monthly for the 'independent' Canadian music industry that started out very cool 20+ years ago and has slowly gotten rid of pretty much everything that made it entertaining; it's basically a boring music mag now. Or maybe I'm just old and bitter.

Exclaim used to run lots of comics, most of which were more conventional multi-panel strips; Cheez was the exception in that, as you see, it was one piece of art per issue and didn't follow a storyline. Marc Bell used to have a regular piece in there too.

tl;dr - You can certainly find recurring images or even characters in Cheez, but it's basically a series of independent artworks by Fiona Smyth.

If you want to see a broad range of her art, try the portfolio link above. Her paintings are awesome.
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Or try this MySpace photo link.
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Umm...Okay...nice use of fonts. I guess.
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She was my year at art school and I remember that the work just seemed to pour out of her. When it was time to put up the year end displays, she laid out masses of beautiful pastel drawings on the floor of the gym/stage hall. There was tons of it.
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Fiona Smyth is a genius.

As stinkycheese says, it was a dark day, those years ago, when the editors of Exclaim! Magazine decided to quit running comics/graphic arts. I guess they just wanted to concentrate on "serious" music journalism. Hey, if the editorial board of Exclaim! is reading this, please consider my advice: live a little, and bring back the graphic arts section.
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I can't tell you how disappointed I was to find her name was actually spelled Smyth.
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