Kevin Goes to Kink Camp
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"Risk" is a free podcast for storytelling junkies, hosted by Kevin Allison (formerly of the State). In episodes 229 and 230 (obviously NSFW), the host himself shares an unusual tale of being a gay man at a hetero "kink" camp.
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Babies Buying Babies. Originally on Risk, I heard it on This American Life.
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Cool! I have been looking for more of these. Thanks.
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I find his logic of "I'm 41, I should probably have sex with a lady" totally adorable.
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Also "Beyond Kink Camp: Part 1, (aka. Little China Boy). Your fearless host applies lessons he learned last fall at Kink Camp to a friendship here in the real world. WARNING: Explicit sexual content." All of these are on iTunes for easy iListening.
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Nancy Sullivan's EXTRA RISK! episode (NSFW, trigger warning) stands out as a particularly emotionally charged episode.
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I find Kevin Allison's cadence and inflection a bit grating at times (for a podcast), but Risk! is a great listen. Kind of like a pervy version of the Moth, often laugh-out-loud funny while being very vulnerable.
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I like Risk -- and when it's good, it's really good -- but I find the "and here's a story from ME!" segments a little too self-indulgent.

(Also his stories often rely too much on "I'M GAY and I'M SHOCKING". Which is fine and all; but it gets a little one-note after a while.)
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There are some great stories on this show. Melanie Hamlett in the Try episode stands out to me as a memorable episode.
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A good friend of mine is acquainted with, and has done a little writing with, Kevin Allison. I met him once, after an improv show (which is how they met). Everybody had been drinking, obviously, and frankly I'm not entirely clear on how the conversation turned this way, but Kevin made it clear that he would like to see my ... butthole. I assume it was Kevin being Kevin, going for the shock-gag, but he apparently continued to mention my butthole in email correspondence with my friend.

Long story short, Kevin Allison's phone number is in my address book in case I ever decide to send him a picture of my butthole.
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The Jew, the Italian and the red-head GAY!
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Thanks Nelson...I didn't know that existed and quite an INTENSE drive to work listening to that episode! A couple of times to remind myself to pay attention to the road.

(& I'm not into S&M but I thought the story was seriously hot...not to mention hilarious and scary).
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Wow, thanks for turning me onto Risk. Loved the Kink Camp stuff (and Beyond Kink Camp) even though I'm not into that kind of thing. Now I'm addicted.
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That was very entertaining - thanks for posting that.
He really overuses the "this is really interesting" delivery though. When you use it on every single line it starts to grate.
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I hear you guys about vocal inflections. It's such a personal thing. I actually enjoy the way Kevin Allison narrates, but I know there are other podcasts I can't stomach because of certain quirks exhibited by the host.

Off Kevin's recent twitter:

For some reason, if I suspect no one in the audience knows me, I speak to them like they're half-deaf and 2.

Heh. I guess I like being spoken to like I'm half-deaf and 2.
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