Good thing he never got a flat.
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The Man Who Lived on his Bike is a 3 minute short by Canadian filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet, who spent 382 days riding his bicycle through the streets of Montreal in order to explore what life would be like if he actually lived on a bicycle.
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i so completely enjoyed that! i want to leave work now and get on my bike. thank you for posting.
posted by anya32 at 10:36 AM on February 9, 2012

That was probably the greatest thing I could have watched upon first waking up! thanks
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Of course, he left his bike there when he walked off into the sunset. And someone stole it and it eventually ended up chained to a post in NYC for 365 days.
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And, of course, when he had to do bathroom type stuff, the people behind him were showered with, um......bathroom type stuff.
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Every time I feel like the weather in Chicago is too shitty to bike to work, I remember those poutine munching tabarnacs in Montreal are riding year round in whatever we're having, but more of it.

(Today was glorious, though.)
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please winter go away
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My house (ok, well, my neighbor's) at 0:33!

He didn't venture much out of the Plateau during his 382 days it seems.
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Yeh Velorutionaries!
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That was not what I was expecting, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

Winter would have to first arrive before it could go away...
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