Is Halcyon
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Is Halcyon working for a well-funded Heaven's Gate?
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But never mind John.
What about Solbeam, his colleague?
Hubbahubba! ;-)

posted by tomcosgrave at 11:41 AM on March 27, 2000

There's been some discussion of this on diary-l.

Jon Kusch said:

"Wow, did I ever not like that article. Just in-depth enough to manufacture an "insider" feel, just shallow enough to belie a diarist who wants it both ways: exhibitionism with boundaries. She touched on too many facets of online journaling without doing any one of them any kind of justice, the "Hare-Hare" thing didn't gel with the point of the piece, and her own treatment of how and why she shut down her journal was pure bait-and-switch: we're led to believe in the trailer that she was somehow "forced" to shut down her site, but in a single over-edited paragraph, we find out that she really just got weirded out by having to take responsibility for what she'd written."

Anita of Anita's BOD and Anita's LOL

posted by anitar at 3:55 PM on March 27, 2000

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