"That kid is magnificent."
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"To get something like that, something that belongs to you," Jones says of that monthly pension, "it makes a big difference in your life." And for that, the 84-year-old Jones has an accomplice to thank. For he would not have had evidence of the extent of his Negro League service time and his pension eligibility if the Center for Negro League Baseball Research's best gumshoe hadn't been assigned to the case.
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Revel estimates that Perron has discovered more than 80 players who had league experience that MLB would accept as criteria for a pension. For his research, Perron has been given awards, been written up in the Boston Globe, asked to speak before the Boston chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research and invited on the field at Fenway Park.

"Cam is the top researcher we have in the country at this point in time," Revel says. "He's a valued colleague."

This is the absolute 110% best thing I have read in 2012 and possibly ever.

'Scuse me, I just need to have a little cry.
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From reddit-related blah to a unicorn chaser: on a read through, Cam Perron is indeed remarkably magnificent.

IMHO he should ask the MLB for a job doing it, although the MLB should have had an employee to do this already.

I'm astonished that the MLB don't for purely commercial reasons, actually; quite aside from anything else, the PR value for the MLB is far higher than the cost and would be primarily beneficial in communities where baseball doesn't have strong support.*

*White/causasian fans are allegedly 86%(!) of the fan base. That compares to roughly two thirds of the population.
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What a great story! It does Red Sox Nation proud that the kid is such a great fan of the game and obviously a wonderful human being. Speaks well for his parents, too.
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Thanks for posting this wonderful story. It would make a great documentary.
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This is amazing! Good for Cam Perron--I really hope he goes far.

The MLB Commissioner needs to recognize this young man for his efforts.
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Wow. What a great (and sad) story. Thanks for posting.
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The page didn't load for me, but I always like stories about the research people are doing to help preserve Negro League stories and help out the players. Thanks for posting this.
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Great story, thanks.
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