Writer To Writer: Burroughs VS Acker
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On the advent of deceased author William S. Burroughs' first gallery showing in England, equally deceased author Kathy Acker sat down to interview him. Collected by weirdo website 'The End Of Being' in 3 filmed parts.

The 3 videos add up to 30 minutes. Mentioned in the first video is Burroughs reading from his novel 'Naked Lunch' on American comedy program, Saturday Night Live in 1981. It's only the 1st 3 minutes of the linked video. Comes complete with sound effects and a live laugh track.

The interview took place at the October Gallery a few years before both authors died.
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Nobody is as equally deceased as William S. Burroughs except maybe Charles Bukowski.
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Kathy Acker would hate to hear that her writing "defined" my post-adolescent life to any extent, that being a perfect example of the kind of tyranny wielded by language and narrative, which she resisted with every ounce of her considerable strength. But there you have it.

Thanks for this post!
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I never knew that "deceased" was a continuum.
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I'm glad she brought up Nova Express and Ticket first. Most people don't realize these represent the pinnacle of his writing.
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Also, good lord she was lovely.
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@spicynuts how about DFW
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