"I thought others might appreciate these tidbits of forgotten history"
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On Flickr, vieilles_annonces posts scans from her "rather large magazine collection of Ebony, Jet and similar magazines from the 1910s on."

My other scans of nostalgic images from the 40s to 80s [e.g. One Family Through Time] are from various estate and eBay sales as well as thrift shops. I like rescuing old slides from the dustbins through my meager attempts with Photoshop. I've never seen a kodachrome or ektachrome or off brand slide I didn't like (no matter how moldy, dusty, water damaged or sun drenched).

If you like a mystery, see: "Do you have any information about these forgotten people?"

Also on tumblr.
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It's not a double, but...
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did not realize these magazines were that old.
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"Pinups were featured regularly in the "mainstream" Black publications of Jet, Ebony, Hue and such, but for the most part naked Black women were taboo, except in horrible "risque" postcards which were "satire" and National Geographic. A Black model? Forget it! It also wasn't until 1969 that Life Magazine had an article called "Black Models Take Center Stage" as odd as that seems today."

Black Pin-Ups (no nudity)
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