U.S. Supreme Court denies Microsoft's appeal.
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U.S. Supreme Court denies Microsoft's appeal. Is anyone else surprised how long these U.S. v. Microsoft trials have gone on? Is there an end in sight? The longer the courts (and both parties) drag this on, the more moot this case will become.
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isn't there something in US law that says justice shall be swift???

shouldn't there be some kind of restraining order in place while this is being decided?

microsoft is still doing all the nasty things that got them on the DoJ's radar screen
posted by yesster at 2:07 PM on October 9, 2001

I think you're assured a speedy *trial*.

justice takes a long-ass time to arrive....
posted by rebeccablood at 2:09 PM on October 9, 2001

yawn. see US vs. IBM. this baby is just getting started.
posted by quonsar at 2:55 PM on October 9, 2001

Why would the SCOTUS deny MS's appeal? While certainly they have their detractors, you can't deny that Microsoft has a certain appeal... ;)
posted by hincandenza at 2:59 PM on October 9, 2001

Perhaps we'll see a pResidential pardon?

Hey, don't laugh, it worked for Sun Yung Moon. And poppy Bush is still receiving the residuals. 10 million+ is pretty good money for one little pardon...

And aren't corporations considered persons under the law with all the rights of a person?
posted by nofundy at 6:19 AM on October 10, 2001

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