Master of Miniature Guns
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"What we are talking about here are models that reproduce real guns in details. These are acting mechanisms and real copies of guns decreased 4-4.5 times. They could fire if real bullets were used."
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That's awesome. And the guy looks so goddamn happy, so satisfied.
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When his small son refused to play with other kids because all of them had bicycles of their own and he didn’t, Alexander invented a model no one else could boast of.

Well??? Don't leave us hanging, English-Russia!
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Obvious viral marketing.
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Some of those adds on the right sidebar don't seem to match the pictures....
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I am trying to equate Trek fetishism with foot fetishism with gun (even if in miniature) fetishism.

However, images of death and war keep getting in the way.

Plus, I don't even have time for book fetishism. Sorry, posting late at night is not a good idea.
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Teeny tiny guns aren't the problem. The problem is making all those teeny tiny bullets to go in them. And remember, teeny tiny guns don't kill people. Teeny tiny people kill other teeny tiny people. And probably look adorable while doing it.
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Wow those are some gigantic matches.
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Obvious viral marketing.

Yeah, and my malware scanner threw some warnings at me.
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More like Engrish Russia - While the original Russian captions are fine, the translation is full of odd errors:
“The Webley Air Guns, UK”. (English Webley revolver)
“The 1951 Hubley Colt 45 GUN” (Colt model 1851)
“The Smith & Wesson Model, 10×67 mm” (Smith&Wesson 10,67 mm; that's .45 inch translated to metric scale)
“The Russian silicon gun, 1812″. (Russian flintlock pistol)

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"Being this is a tiny replica of a .44 magnum, the most powerful tiny handgun in the world, you've got to ask yourself a question, do I feel lucky?"
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I like the Russian hand cannon.
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Those are the biggest matches I've ever seen!
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