"I'm Scott Sternberg. And I make clothes."
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“I’m Scott Sternberg. And I make clothes.” Scott Sternberg designs for Band of Outsiders, which shares a name with a 1964 French New Wave film. Based in Los Angeles Sternberg worked previously as a Hollywood agent. Debra Scherer’s The Little Squares created a short film about Sternberg called Being There.

Band of Outsiders has a preppy feel running throughout their products: “These American staples, American sportswear classics [reinterpreted] in subtle ways.” In this way, the Spring Summer 2011 collections were "a study in brooding pensiveness...evocative of both The Royal Tenenbaums and Tin Tin.". A New York Fashion Week runway show in February 2012 had hair and makeup going for a cowboy look, in line with Sternberg's recent fascination with "masculine ideals", drawing on Alejandro Jodorowsky's films El Topo (IMDB, wikipedia) and Holy Mountain (IMDB, wikipedia, previously)

While most lines of the brand focus on menswear, last year the Girl line was introduced. Tavi, the style rookie called it "ethereal and pretty and misty." (Tavi previously) Renowned fashion critic Aziz Ansari once weighed in on where he expected the line to go in the future, after Band of Outsider's first runway show for which Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi made Lemon Tree Hugger cookies, the likes of which the hosts claim will never be seen again.

Though Sternberg has criticized other clothing brands for industrialization, production of the line “This is not a polo” has moved to China. Suits are handmade in Brooklyn at Martin Greenfield Clothiers (previously), the shop that's clothed Boardwalk Empire.

Sternberg's rules of style include "Airplane-fart karma is a bitch", not talking about what brands you're wearing, and not choking yourself with a tie when in a suit. He wears short-sleeved shirts under his suits! Sternberg's home is "a playful amalgam of vintage references and bright color combinations".
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I like (and am happy to pay for) fashionable men's clothing, but the stuff in their webstore is basically nonsense. A $200 grey t-shirt with a "sideways pocket"? How fucking irritating precious! The rest looks bland - "this is not a polo" shirts are literally just boring polo shirts.

Where is the awesomeness that I'm missing?
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"Airplane-fart karma is a bitch"

Why does that lead right back here?

Gotta say, i don't get preppy from those, i get slightly upscale hipster. Not a term i throw around a lot, but it could be the models, there wasn't anything that wowed me. Granted, i'm probably far from their demographic and such.

a short film about Sternberg called Being There

This is a turn off too, i get it's a general term, but when i hear it i just think of the movie with Peter Sellers.
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Whoops. Could a mod replace: "Airplane-fart karma is a bitch"?
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Love the Ringo tune, though.
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I've seen Band Of Outsiders before (a friend's girlfriend raved about them). They struck me as very UHB.
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Mod note: fixed the fart karma link.
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I liked this rule of style:

7) Rabid atheism does not lead to attractive or acceptable cocktail-party conversation. You know who you are and you need to chill. We get it, okay? God is for dummies. Now shut your hole.
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and not choking yourself with a tie yt when in a suit.

In the video he mentions not choking yourself in connection with having left the top button unbuttoned, but I always understood buttoning the top button to be compatible with not choking yourself or feeling constrained if one dares to buy a shirt that, you know, fits.
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No one can tell you're wearing a short-sleeved shirt unless you take your jacket off??

Or, you know, if your hands are visible.
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Yea, that short sleeve shirt under a jacket seems like a bad idea. When I see a jacket wearing individual I want to see the very end of the sleeves coming out of the cuffs of the jacket. It adds a nice overall contrast to the look when taken in with the collar of the shirt. No shirt sleeves makes it look like you don't know what you're doing.
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I looked at the band of outsiders web store and was baffled to discover that their clothes come in sizes given solely by numbers that seem not to correspond to anything in reality (size 3, e.g., rather than 40"), and there's no sizing chart.
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@Kenko -- Well, you know...

If you have to *ask*, the clothes just aren't for you.
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The list of 'rules' ranges from the absurd (zit treatment is makeup + makeup is for lesser beings called 'women' = a world filled with acned misogynists) through the surprisingly sensible (the atheism thing, and don't talk about your projects until they're done: this, for me, is because my brain transforms 'talked about book' to 'worked on book') to the impossible (farts, like feces, are not really a function of conscious control)

And the clothes are dull.
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Even a proselytizing atheist is more interesting than this pseudo-designer and his anodyne ready-to-wear crap. Buy a shirt that fits, iron it, button it, and don't wear your slippers to work.
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