"He who doesn’t know where he came from doesn’t know where he is going” –An African proverb.
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THE OYO EMPIRE by Prof George Ayittey As you read this keep these pertinent modern questions in mind: Whether or not military dictatorship existed in the empire, rule of law was absent, there were no accountability or checks and balances, and whether the rulers can be removed.
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No, There was certainly justice but law I'm not sure, No, Yes
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I love these african history posts!
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Look very interesting. Thanks, infini.
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STATELESS SOCIETIES: The Igbo, the Fulani, the Somali by Prof G.N Ayittey

“I am convinced that those societies [as the Indians] which live without government enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under European governments.”
 Thomas Jefferson in 1787.

“The most distinctive contribution of Africa to human history has been precisely in the civilized art of living reasonably peacefully without a state (or government).”
 Jean-Francois Bayart (1989; p.58).

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