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Cat_Lanta: Interactive Street Art One street artist in Atlanta has set out to create an interactive art project. He paints small, one-of-a-kind Cats and leaves them hidden all over Atlanta. He tweets pictures with very little context and his Atlanta followers will run to find them and be part of his on-going story.
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Dude was also interviewed by Myke Johns at Atlanta's radio station: WABE.
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Those are pretty adorable.
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Oh, Atlanta, when you do things like this, I miss you.
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One of my Christmas presents to my wife was a really limited edition (I think about thirty were made) Catlanta hoodie. I have yet to find one of those little cats. They disappear quick.
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I live in Atlanta. something fun to do!
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I love my Catlanta!

My boyfriend managed to get one for us from the GSU library. We spent that morning refreshing Facebook and Twitter waiting for the cats to go out. He works in the library and immediately recognized the location of one of the cats. He saw multiple people running across campus searching for them.

I saw my first Catlanta near the Krog Street tunnel.

Never fails to make me smile.
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I think I once met someone when I lived in New York who did this, except for darling little cats it was shits in publicly accessible toilets and instead of twitter he just yelled about it from the top of his lungs on subway platforms.
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Interesting stuff. Reminds me of making little things in woodshop back in high school.

Good music on the video, too. I wish I knew the artist.
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Psst, jwmollman: Music: "Photosphere," by Charles Atlas.
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I found this a lot more accessible than his previous work, Cat_Lantis.
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Catlanta is awesome, but like most other things in Atlanta it's also sort of sad observing the rapidly-hipsterized success of his art. There are people OBSESSED with collecting his pieces, usually the types with the trust funds or other resources to hang out all day reading a Twitter feed and hanging around the Little Five Points area, to the point where if the Catlanta guy hints what area he'll be dropping off cats, then you pretty much might as well not bother since there are already three people waiting at popular places they guessed he might show up at. Only a year ago he had boxes of them with a "please take only one" sign; now there are people bragging about how they have 7, 8 etc. It's nice that the philosophy is "this is something that can get everyone in Atlanta involved," but it's not really true. The first thing you need to have even a chance of catching a Catlanta cat is a lack of a day job.

That said, Catlanta has actually expanded in a way to "Free Art Friday Atlanta" and multiple artists are now making signature characters/pieces and hiding them around the area. So if you're in Atlanta you have lots of better chances with those guys.
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Ah, seriously, I miss ATL.

Also, this reminds me of Atlanta's other famous woodcut-street-art-guy: EVEREMAN.

I have a few magnets at my desk here in NYC. One work friend just moved to Portland. He took one of my magnets with him. ATL rolls out hard! :)
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