Birdcloud is Two Tennessee Girls with Stringed Instruments and Potty Mouths
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"Birdcloud met in Murfreesboro and immediately didn’t like eachother. At a party in 2009 they had some whiskeys and became friends and started dicking around on guitar, writing their first song, a song about going down on your best friend, now lost to the sands of time. Despite a lukewarm reception at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, they have been sitting on eachother’s faces ever since, showing eachother their bruises and generally doing whatever they want when it works out that way." Songs on the inside NSFW if you can't tell. posted by cmoj (14 comments total) 24 users marked this as a favorite

I am 12 years old and what is this?
posted by kuanes at 8:20 AM on February 21, 2012

Well, there is a pretty long tradition of ribald song writing in the old-timey and bluegrass worlds.
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Did you see the horse poster?! They are hilarious and awesome. I find the staring at each other's eyes for the entire song thing much harder to take than the lyrics, actually. TOOINTENSE!!?!
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I'm from Murfreesboro so I like this for that alone.
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"My Hymen belongs to Jesus"
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Mur... frees... boro.

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Murfreesboro in the house.

zombieflanders has the pronunciation correct.

I lived there for 7 years.
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Oh and "Indianer" is as scathing and self-effacing takedown I've ever heard of the "I'm part Native American" thing so persistent among Southern whites.
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It's kind of sad that this is the only post in metafilter history to be tagged with "bigolpussy".
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I had a friend who went to MTSU when younger. She and her now husband were and are in the music business. Had I known about this, I'd have visited her a *lot* more often.
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I think.... I think I'm in love.
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This... this is so beautiful.

I'm not crying; it's just.... oh, to heck with it. I'm crying and I don't care who knows it, sho' nuff.
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Seriously considering a cover version with adapted lyrics.

"Warshin' my wee li'l weenis,
warshin' my teeny peter
warshin' my itty dingdong in the kitchen sink"
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