"It All Began with Sheep"
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Double helix stairs allow for performers on one stair and audience on the other, letting the two intertwine but never come into direct contact as the stairs wind up the tower. An eight-story structure built on the grounds of Oliver Ranch in Sonoma, designed by Anne Hamilton.

Fundamentally conceived as a performance space, double helix stairs both separate and connect the performers and audience while openings in the tower allow occupants to inhabit the massive walls in various positions–sitting, standing, or laying horizontal— without giving views of the surrounding landscape.

Singer and composer Meredith Monk performs a piece for an unseen audience.
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Yeah, but does it have a major and minor grove?
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...without giving views of the surrounding landscape.

She blinded me with science.
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I think I ran around on these in a Zelda game once.
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I attended a similar musical event at The Monument in London last year. And very good it was, too.
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Looks like concrete to me.
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Leonardo did this at Chambord rather more effectively.
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This piece is just a taste of the site-specific art at Oliver's Ranch. Serra, Goldsworthy, Puryear, oh my! An interview with Steve Oliver, former head of SFMOMA, who owns and curates the ranch with his wife.
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Nowhere on the Oliver Ranch website does it actually say where exactly they are located. Sonoma, okay, that's got me in the county ... I guess they are trying to discourage drop-in visitors (they are open via prescheduled tours only) but I'm not sure hiding your street address is the right way to do it.
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The tours page goes so far as to say "A map to Oliver Ranch will be provided prior to the tour and is not provided for distribution, reproduction or publication." So yeah, it sounds like they're not interested in having their location public.

(But Google knows, and I found the double helix tower.)
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