Black and White and Surreal
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See also Jerry Uelsmann.
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Like these photos, especially the piano zebra thingy. The titles of his many many singles share a certain ...theme.

I too came in to do a (see also). Scott Mutter's Surrational Images.
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I have to say I'm dubious about the Wikipedia "bio" including the link between the noted "theme" and the last name "Hooker . . . " but there it was so I included it.
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Although Uelsmann is the photographer most associated with contemporary photomontage work (and leaving aside those more famous artists who dabbled in it), Barbey and Mutter seem to have more of a genuine sense of the kind of juxtaposition of imagery that constitutes Surrealism. Uelsmann's work is masterful, but Barbey's inclusion of architecture, people, and the distortions of scale hint at the frisson of Surrealism more so than does Uelsman's terrifically beautiful (and often symmetrical) art. Just my three cents. Praising God in Barbey's Artist Statement would horrify Andre Breton, of course, but it didn't take much to get kicked out of his club.
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Is it possible to be a surrealist without being an artist?
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Is it possible to be a surrealist without being an artist?

Definitely. IMO. It's how you see the world. Plus if you mean visual artist...well, the original Surrealists thought poetry would be the way to communicate that surreal (also: super-real) state of dream logic. Visual art, they thought, originally, would be too literal. (Language has its ironies, its multiplicities of meaning, whereas visual art had previously been used for centuries as a way of representing the world as it appears to the eye. Language had been subverted more often to do more than just give directions to the bakery.)
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I'm looking at two of his originals on my wall. Beautiful work!
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