Little guitars are cute like bugs and loud like lions
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Get yer lunch kits and table legs folk, it's time for sonic fascination! Jon Free of London, England makes wee tin box and table leg guitars. If you like little guitars and Canadian punk you might like to watch Vancouver's Little Guitar Army play little electric guitars.
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Cool, Little Guitar Army! I was just debating whether to go to their upcoming show at the Rickshaw earlier tonight.

First heard of them when I read a review of one of their gigs a couple years back, and it sounded like tons 'o fun, then I got to the end of the article and realized it took place at the tiny, middle of nowhere East Van bar down the street from where I was living. I hadn't even realized that bar had shows, at least outside of typical blues+rock cover bands. Felt like I missed the boat and have been meaning to check them out ever since.
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Love that top page on the Tin Tone site. Beautiful!

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Jon is a lovely bloke and healed my injured double bass for me last year. His tobacco tin amps are fantastic too.
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I used to walk by this guy's flat when I lived in Stoke Newington, and was always wondering what the hell he had in his window - thanks, moneyjane, for solving the mystery! Maybe I gotta go back up there and check this out, even if North London is for losers and only losers live there and they're always losing at shit. Yeah, you heard me, North Londonders. BRING IT ON.
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You have no idea how much I want a fiddle made this way.
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