You are locked in a shanty of escape games. Please escape from this place.
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The Shanty of Escape Games - Starting with Escape From The Smoking Room in November 2010, the Shanty Of Escape Games has published escape-the-room style short puzzle games with astonishing regularity, releasing at least two per month. Test your wits and escape from the Room with Baumkuchen, the Mansion with Traps, or the Mid-sized Banquet Hall!

They're less engrossing and involved than Tesshi-e's or Neutral's, but enjoyable nevertheless. They tend more towards straight-up puzzles (safes with locks, color/number clues, etc.) and less towards object combination.
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Oh wow! This is exciting. I love room escape games! I thank you - though my girlfriend won't....
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When I saw the preview of this post in my RSS feed, I thought it was going to have to do with this "escape game" based on YouTube that a friend of mine recently linked up to me.

The Dark Room is rather fun, but not exactly the same as the awesomeness in the OP post.
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I found this site a few months ago, and now the link sits at the top of my bookmarks list, waiting to distract me any time I get the least bit bored. The puzzles are just difficult enough to give you a feeling of accomplishment, but straightforward and intuitive enough that it only takes a few minutes to solve everything.
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Thanks for that. I tried one of them and got a fair way in and then got stuck. Finally caved in and looked up a walkthrough - turns out that this had turned into a pixel hunt / click everywhere problem, not a puzzle. Could solve the rest, but I'm no fan of pixel-hunts.
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Due to blurry morning eyes, I am now interested to know if there exists a "Tristram Shandy of escape games".
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Yeah but by the time the game finishes explaining what one of the walls looks like, you've already completed all the puzzles on the other walls and haven't yet gotten trapped in the room.
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This will be eating up my afternoon. Hooray!
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Will try to check these online games later, but for those of you in the San Francisco area, you might be interested in participating in a LIVE escape-the-room game.
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As someone who is terrible at these, but can't help trying to play them anyway, I'm glad I don't live in San Francisco, since I would probably die in that room.
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Could solve the rest, but I'm no fan of pixel-hunts.

I enjoy Shanty's escape games, but they do sometimes have that problem. That, and, some questionable logic to some of their puzzle solutions. Still, they're fun.

Robamimi has a new one out this week, too. Short and sweet.
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The Room with Baumkuchen is the first time I have ever breezed through a locked-in-the-room game.
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I'm way too far away to make it to that Live Room Escape, but I'm going to irrationally hope that it catches on and spreads outside SF. Just the thought of getting to play around in a life-size room puzzle fills my inner child with glee.
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Thanks for the link - bookmarked! I love escape-the-room games.

Hey, I'm in San Francisco and this LARP (LAE?) game thing sounds like fun. Anybody want to field a MeFi team? We kicked Reddit's butt at pub trivia so we'll mop the floor with a bunch of werewolves. Sound like a meetup to anyone else?
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My wife and I love doing room escapes. Thanks!
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