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It was this post about clockwork paper jewelry that lead me to the blog, Strictly Paper. But there are so many amazing things here.
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Wonderful stuff! I love it when I see something that pushes my brain in an unexpected direction. Thanks for posting!
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Omg! My kind of bliss. Oooh. Oooh. And of course, Peter Callesen is one wow after another. Aww. Oooh. Cool. Whoa.

My faves: the complexity, ha! a pun, wow, the brain city! And the simplicity, ahh.

Thank you for this treasure trove of wonderfulness. Excellent find and likable post, jacquilynne.
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I'm going to be snooty and refuse to acknowledge anything as "clockwork" if it does not actually move and do something, and that includes all the crappy 'Steampunk' shit out there (except for those things where the gears actually do something, instead of being glued on.) That said, these are very pretty.
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Well, it moves if you lift it from one place to another, and it "does" about as much as any other sculpture does. :)

If you want to make one of your own, you'll need artwork and access to a laser-cutter. Ponoko could make the parts for you. That piece looks to be backed by transparent acrylic though so you might have to pay for it twice. If you did, you could engrave layer numbers onto the acrylic to make assembly easier for yourself.

Here's another neat laser-cut cardboard project - incredibly intricate columns.
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Such beautiful and inspiring paper creations, thanks for sharing this excellent blog!
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So fun to look at. I can't imagine spending that much time on paper though.
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The Little Mermaid one is very swoon-worthy too.
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If you like neat things created from paper, then the Paper Forest shouldn't be missed.
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