'Look closely. The beautiful may be small.'
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This is a collection of the smaller details of art works. Imagine using macro lenses on a Van der Weyden or Van Gogh. It's another way of looking at (of seeing) well-known pieces: hemlines, hands, veins, the curve of a shoulder. Also: texture and facial expressions.

Related: watch John Berger's Ways of Seeing and/or read The Art of the Detail Shot if you're interested in the photography aspect of things. This is also a neat little exercise: 25 Ways to Look for the Little Things.
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Bernini's Pluto e Proserpina has some wonderful details.
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There's a wonderful book with 100 Details from the National Gallery in London by Kenneth Clark.
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The blog's archive.

Some these details are great. Some, like, the Psyche and Cupid, are less than great. And some are asinine.
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Some of, even.
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