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Circuli is a generative musical instrument based on circles (by the maker of Otomata)
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I just clicked randomly a few times and created something pleasing, which has been looping in the background for the past couple minutes. Look at me, I'm Brian Eno!
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Anyone managed to produce anything that sucks?
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I was going to post my attempt at making music but then I realized that no matter where I click it all sounds like the soundtrack of a documentary about sea life.
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And speaking of my undergrad years, far too many of which were spent playing around with analog synthesizers ...

The tools we have available today are breathtaking.

Sure, Circuli is fairly basic, but it's a good start. Now if I could import what Circuli makes into some sort of digital concert grand/stump-grinder/Hiwatt stack, then it'd be real fun.
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Nice find, and fun! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Ladies and gents set your Wayback machine to 1978, return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and see and listen to the PAIA "Chord EGG", aka 'Encephalo Gratification Generator'.

While I only played with Circuli for a minute, if I'm not mistaken I heard a key change, which may be a first for these sorts of long-note-duration, reverb-saturated gen demos.
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