Heaven and Hell On Earth
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The Face of Gujarat 2002 "And when I saw the military van pass by, I thought, 'This is our last chance'. I began shouting Sahib! Sahib! to the soldiers and folded my hands, and when I did that they looked back and returned. [...] My life went into a tailspin. The picture followed me wherever I went. It haunted me, and drove me out of my job, and my state". Twelve years after the defining image of the Gujarat carnage. Previously. (Explanation of the title)
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Can you please post a link to the iconic photo?
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oneironaut, it's the first image in the main link.
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Actually, I gather it's cropped - this appears to be the real thing.
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Thanks for sharing. I saw that picture as a teen, and seeing it brought back some memories.

To add to the topic, The Caravan is carrying an immensely well-researched cover story on Narendra Modi, then and now the chief minister of Gujarat, with special focus on the dreadful scenes in 2002.

The article also refers to a famous piece by India's pre-eminent sociologist Ashis Nandy. I quote:

"Modi, it gives me no pleasure to tell the readers, met virtually all the criteria that psychiatrists, psycho-analysts and psychologists had set up after years of empirical work on the authoritarian personality. He had the same mix of puritanical rigidity, narrowing of emotional life, massive use of the ego defence of projection, denial and fear of his own passions combined with fantasies of violence – all set within the matrix of clear paranoid and obsessive personality traits. I still remember the cool, measured tone in which he elaborated a theory of cosmic conspiracy against India that painted every Muslim as a suspected traitor and a potential terrorist"
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Sorry, my bad; should have been more clear. Tavegyl has it; that was the picture.

An earlier report in Indian media on how Qutubuddin wanted the picture to be removed from circulation.
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Man those are cute kids.
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I know this is probably the wrong thing to think about.... By the end of the article, and the enumeration of the photo subject's yearly income and all his troubles, I wanted to see the photographer hand over some cash. I mean, I see that the photographer himself is Indian, but I wonder how many rupees he earned for his photography? For that photograph in particular? I wonder how much $1000US would do to salve some of the difficulty that photo caused him.
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Oops, sorry adamvasco, meant my previously link to go to the previous metafilter discussion. I seem to have inadvertently linked to the Tehelka piece twice.
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russilwvong´s comment is much more informative than my poorly spelled post.
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10 years ago wouldn't it be?

(still catching up on the links)
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10, yes. :) Miscalculated it.
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