Attention, sports racers!
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Ze Frank launches a Kickstarter to revive 'The Show.' In 2006, Ze Frank, currently a professional speaker and professor, created his video podcast The Show. He posted one video each weekday for a full year and gained a massive audience thanks to his insightful ideas, creative songs, and rapport with the community. Yesterday he launched a Kickstarter to revive The Show, and it's already met the $50,000 goal. Previously on the blue.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I love Ze Frank to death and am very excited about this development, but we need to not do the "here's an active fundraising project in progress" as the meat of a mefi post. If someone wants to either post about Ze and The Show without the Kickstarter angle or to wait until the fundraising has closed, that'd be great. -- cortex


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