22-hour time lapse of Vancouver's Burrard Inlet on a glorious summer day
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Rail cars, gantry cranes, and cruise ships hooray! Time-lapse awesomeness. (SLV) Watch for the rail cars, freighters and cruise ships, and check out the giant cranes at Port Metro Vancouver. Shot from the 33rd floor of the Woodward's building in the DTES. These were photos taken at 5-second intervals over 22 hours.

I find it very soothing to watch; perhaps because it is a reminder summer exists and theoretically may turn up again.
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That's my birthday! See if you can spot me paper bagging it in Crab Park on the right.
posted by mek at 7:43 PM on February 28, 2012

Oh geez. The Seabus back and forth and back and forth.... I always wonder when I'm riding if the captain has just given up on life given the nature of the route. Neat video.
posted by Salmonberry at 7:47 PM on February 28, 2012

ooo, that was the view (kinda) from my office!
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RIP Jim Green, who helped make the Woodwards development possible.
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Hey, if you squint real hard you might be able to see me in the brown building on the left. I'm the one who looks like he's ready to jump.

I like the Katkam too.
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What a setting for doing that. I do some time-lapse. I never publish because I've not got my head around soundtracks--Whether to just borrow some copyright work and hope for the best, or what. I enjoy them silent, but I'm weird. Mine are shot at 2 second intervals (hardware determined). I have mountains, a train station, and construction cranes galore, in my view from the 7th floor apartment. (On good days, I can see Eiger Monch & Jungfrau).
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Love this! I love time-lapse and this is a wonderful location for it. I really enjoyed what ti did to the ship's motion. When that huge liner pulls in around the 4-minute mark, it makes look its doing handbrake turns.

Goofyy, I rarely listen to the soundtracks for time-lapse (I didn't for that one either, since I'm at work). You should publish yours anyway. I would love to see them!
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This would make a good Bathtub VI.
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Transportation geekgasm!! Awesome. Thanks!
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Awesome. Why do the massive freighters just sit idly in the middle of the bay?
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Because there isn't enough dock space when they arrive in Vancouver; freighters will anchor in the bay until docking space is available, at which point a local tug operation pulls them in.
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Fabulous stuff, moneyjane. I like how the cruise-ship captains look like they all trained on the Costa line.

I also will miss Jim Green, thanks for the remembrance, KokuRyu.
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dry white toast; this area is great for the 'modes of transportation' game by which one counts every mode of transportation visible in a given vista. Usually in this area or False Creek I can get some combo of car, transit bus, tour bus, cab, bike, skateboard, roller blades, pedestrian, sailboat, tugboat, seabus, skytrain, kayak, freighter. seaplane, cruise ship and bonus points for dragon boats!

I blame Richard Scarry.
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