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Jack Hargreaves the presenter of Out of Town and the author of The Old Country explains the finer points of dog training; ratting sticks, coppicing, and wattle hurdles; and rabbiting.

Jack Hargreaves - Do it Yourself

Jack Hargreaves - Flower Pots
Jack Hargreaves - Cider Making
Jack Hargreaves - 9 Pins
Jack Hargreaves - Stringing Onions

Jack Hargreaves - Walking with Ghost
Jack Hargreaves - Visiting the Countryside
Jack Hargreaves - Old Pasture
Jack Hargreaves - Duncliffe Hill in Dorset
Jack Hargreaves - Parsonage Down

Tools & Trades
Jack Hargreaves - Farm Tools
Jack Hargreaves - Corn, Chaff, Straw and Thatching Reed
Jack Hargreaves - A Spokeshave, a Clog, a Bung-Hole Borer and a Ram's Pole
Jack Hargreaves - Bygones
Jack Hargreaves - Dorset Buttons
Jack Hargreaves - Coopering

Jack Hargreaves - Cart Building
Jack Hargreaves - John Pickett's Cart
Jack Hargreaves - Turnout Sale
Jack Hargreaves - Cape Cart

Jack Hargreaves - Harness Making
Jack Hargreaves - Horse Driving; Up-Tight and Laid-Back
Jack Hargreaves - Horse Vet
Jack Hargreaves - The Exmoor Pony, a Beautiful Creature
Jack Hargreaves - Trotting Race
Jack Hargreaves - Stow Fair
Jack Hargreaves - French Horse Sale
Jack Hargreaves - Brassey Searle's Circus

Jack Hargreaves - Breeds of Cattle
Jack Hargreaves - Cow Foot Trimming
Jack Hargreaves - Traditional Pig Butchering
Jack Hargreaves - Goats
Jack Hargreaves - The Lurcher
Jack Hargreaves - Bantams
Jack Hargreaves - Pigeons
Jack Hargreaves - Dipper

Jack Hargreaves - How Fishing Evolved
Jack Hargreaves - Fishing Fathers
Jack Hargreaves - Pole Fishing
Jack Hargreaves - Dry Fly Casting
Jack Hargreaves - Looking After a River
Jack Hargreaves - Turk's Pond
Jack Hargreaves' Rod

Jack Hargreaves - Mayfly
Jack Hargreaves - Grayling
Jack Hargreaves - Dace
Jack Hargreaves - Chub
Jack Hargreaves - Roach
Jack Hargreaves - American Brook Trout
Jack Hargreaves - Fishing for Sea Bass

Jack Hargreaves - How Plague Devastated the Villages of Wessex 1 2
Jack Hargreaves - Farm Sale 1 2
Jack Hargreaves - Manor Houses
Jack Hargreaves - Stan Bréhaut

Jack Hargreaves At Home Interview 1 2 3
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OMG it looks like Foxfire via Youtube. If so, thank you-thank you-thank you!
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Fantastic, thanks so much for this. Jack Hargreaves was a big part of my childhood, and these are going to keep me grinning through this pint, and maybe the next.

Jack Hargreaves re-enacts the funeral and rising of Twm SiƓn Cati, and lots more old photos of JH, shared on Flickr (iirc) his nephew.
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> (iirc) his nephew

His step-son.
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Did something get cut off after "Much"?
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike at 12:45 PM on February 29, 2012

This looks really awesome, but it looks really awesome in a "that looks like a cool thing to try" sort of way that is likely to cost me a couple hundred dollars for tools and a thousand hours of my life learning how to use them per cool thing.

Don't ask me how I know this.
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I think the use of 'much' was a play on the clickable link that says 'more inside'. Basically saying that there's 'much more' inside. I liked it.
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I think the use of 'much' was a play on the clickable link that says 'more inside'. Basically saying that there's 'much more' inside. I liked it.

Eh, it's a bit confusing coming from an RSS feed.
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Ah, a piece of my youth.
posted by Decani at 1:56 PM on February 29, 2012

This is wonderful!

I'm working on my PhD about the early history of Southern Television, and Jack Hargreaves was integral to the success of the company, both as a presenter and a producer.

Sadly, since Southern lost its ITV franchise contract in 1981, the programme archive has passed through so many different hands that only a pitiful amount of programmes have survived (even by the standards of 1960s-70s TV, which has become notorious for its culture of wiping tapes). The vast majority of my work has to be reconstructed from the (surprisingly full) archive of company documents, including Jack's personal correspondence file where he answers questions sent in by fans of 'How' and 'Out of Town'!

I know nothing about farming or country life, but I can see why he was so popular. It's just lovely to see his immensely likeable persona on screen.

Was never ever expecting to find this on Metafilter! Thank you so much, lemuring.
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Just when I was bemoaning how much time I waste on the internet, comes a chance to waste it productively. Cheers!
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Mod note: The cutesy "much [more inside]" thing looks broken in every context other than the front page and we routinely nix those when we see 'em. No biggie, just kind of a thing to not do.
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He had many imitators :
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This is awesome!!
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Big flashback for me - I was stationed in the Air Force to the UK in 79/80/81/82, and I used to live for these programs on rainy Saturdays. The eternal ITV strike of 81 put an end to it.
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