Gotta see the whole town, From Yonkers on down to the bay, in just one day.
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In the spirit of Miami Shark and Sydney Shark comes the latest offering in the series: New York Shark.
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[Your link for "New York Shark" seems to be broken...]
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[Your link for "New York Shark" seems to be broken...]

We're going to need a bigger internet.
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Fixed the link, played the game gleefully. Man, my fingers hurt from jumping.
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Something jumped out at me while I was posting the link.
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Oh man the Shark games are so much mindless fun. I can't figure out why I like them so much, but I'm also addicted to launch games that have roughly the same amount of interaction as microwaving something.
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Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Two baseballs. DESTROYED EARTH. Wrists hurt.
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I got a cute Yankees cap to wear on my little shark head.

Plus, Spiderman AND King Kong?!....Love this!
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Yeah, I destroyed the earth too, on my first game. I'm wondering, was I supposed to have done that? But no matter. Shark is as shark does. Shark doesn't know any better. If the makers didn't want Shark to destroy the Earth then they shouldn't have made the asteroid so tasty. Shark would eat the universe, if Shark had big enough jaws.

That was... enough Shark for me. There is no strategy, barely any skill. I hate to say it, but it's kind of emblematic with everything that's wrong with Flash games. It's Nanaca Shark.
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I don't like games that are about violence and familiar geographical locations. Sorry
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Oh man, I've played....way too much of both Miami Shark and Sydney Shark, and although I can't play at work here, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get home and play this. I'll be avoiding this thread 'til then to avoid more spoilers.
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I thought they were just going to avoid mention 9/11 altogether but then I was, like, oh, that plane has a giant Osama Bin Laden head on its front.
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In New York, shark jumps you!
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