The Masters Of Comic Book Art; or, Seven Cool Poses Which Can Be Struck in a Bright Yellow Jacket
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Released in 1987, The Masters of Comic Book Art is a collection of interviews with notable cartoonists on their creations, creativity, and craft, introduced by Harlan Ellison.

Some segments are better than others; Eisner and Kirby are a bit dry and Ditko, who doesn't appear on-screen, provides an Objectivist spiel. But Dave Sim in full 1980s mode is certainly worth seeing.

Segment Links
Will Eisner
Harvey Kurtzman
Jack Kirby
Steve Ditko
Neal Adams
Bernie Wrightson
Jean (Moebius) Giraud
Frank Miller
Dave Sim
Art Spiegelman
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They all look so young. I mean, even Will Eisner and Jack Kirby.

Frank Miller saying "get back to me in 30 years", heh. It only took him 20 years to figure out his answer, I think, and he got it wrong.

Also, this Neal Adams page is extraordinary.
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Just watched this last night. What weird little time capsule. Frank Miller and Dave Sim before they became dipshits! Neal Adams before he got weird! AND THOSE CLOTHES! From Ellison's bright yellow jacket to Neal Adam's trenchcoat and Dave Sim's too-cool-for-school sunglasses, blazer and perfect hair ensemble, it is further proof that nerds should not be allowed to dress themselves.

In all seriousness, though the Miller segment was weirdly affecting, because I had forgotten just how low key and reasonable he used to be. THIS was the guy Lynn Varley fell in love with and married. It makes his transformation over the years that much sadder, both from a professional and personal perspective.
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It's worth pointing out that this is Dave Sim during (or just after) the Church and State 2 plotline. Y'know, before he came out of the closet as a guy who thinks that women embody an evil void that seeks to suck men of all their powers. Or before his mental breakdown. Whatever works for you.

Maybe making comics just make people go crazy.
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I don't care what Dave Sims thinks about blah blah . Cerebus was an awesome thing.
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I've got a book version of this, with some different artists like Corben and Druillet. I didn't know there was movie too.
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Comic Book Confidential is similar (even has a few of the same artists), although it's shallower and has much higher production values. If you're a Netflix subscriber it's available for streaming.

And it is DEFINITELY additional "proof that nerds should not be allowed to dress themselves."
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Ah, right--this is the documentary that Ellison starts off with letting us know that his entry in Who's Who is bigger than Ronald Reagan's. (Who's Who entries are composed by their subjects.)
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