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Mudbone was a reoccurring character of Richard Pryor's.
They say he was performed for the last time for Pryor's legendary "Live on the Sunset Strip" special.
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Language NSFW (unless your place of work is OK with "fuckin" this and "fuckin" that)
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oh lord, thankyou flt. little help from mods.
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Can't see "Mudbone" without thinking of The Pharcyde. I just can't.
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I confess an unreasonable fondness for Richard Pryor. I've never fully understood why I could like such a foul mouthed performer except that he was funny--outrageous, obscene, disrespectful, and devastatingly funny. Others have tried to be funny by being shockingly obscene and disrespectful and they are somewhat repulsive to me. After so many years and the deluge of hateful rappers and comedians, I suspect my fondness for Pryor is attributable to the fact his humor didn't belittle women; they were, in fact, nearly as important to him as drugs.
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Anitanola, that's very perceptive and absolutely true, I too have wondered how Pryor just slays me like no one perhaps short of another genius like Chaplin, and that is that he much like Chaplin can make you cry with laughter and just simply cry flat out at the sweetness and sadness of an observation or movement or of an act or whatever. Pryor's heart wasn't just on his sleeve, he was like a big weird funny completely exposed heart.

And he was a fucking genius.
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