General Zod comments on "Halloween".
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General Zod comments on "Halloween". It looks like we'll all have to start doing a lot less trick or treating, and a lot more kneeling this year!
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More Zod zanyness...from this thread

Not a double post, but nice to tie things together.
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...oh, and TREMBLE AT THE MIGHT OF ZOD!!!!...or some equivalent supplication.
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Truly, one of the best villains in movie history. And the scene when Superman steps out of the chamber, kneels down, and grabs Zod's hand, and then crushes, was that awesome!

His "queen" (forget her name) was something else, too; way prettier than Lois, eh?
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thewittyname, the old weathergraphics zod site is down now, and has been for at least a month. I have no idea what happened to it. But that's ok, cuz is up and being updated here 'n there and Zod even talks with his loyal servants on the message board.

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President: Oh God!
Zod: No. Zod.
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Zod's female right hand was Ursa. As Lois said, she was a "real bitch." But a hot bitch, to be sure.

I'll just never forget where I was the day I heard about the incredible destruction wrought upon the Planet Hooooooston. Still brings a tear my eye.
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Dr Doom could fully kick Zod's ass in this galaxy or any other. Even if he is a cartoon.

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Kafkaesque, why do you say such things when you know I will kill you for it?
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Alls I'm saying is if he was so tough, how did he get trapped in a plate glass credit card for thousands of years? And all that black nylon clothing? I think I saw Zod wearing a Members Only jacket a while back.

Yesterday's papers, baby.
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I don't know about Doom besting him, but I would grade Zod as a B-level villain at best, to be honest. Now you want a top shelf villain, check out Emperor Palpatine. His henchman is cooler than most head bad guys.
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