Claressa Shields - Radio Diary Made of Awesome
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Claressa Shields, a 16 year old boxer preparing for the Olympic trials, records a radio diary. It's about 16 minutes long.
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[Tiny note: it appears her name is actually Claressa. Might want to update the tags; maybe a mod can change the spelling in the post...]
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This is incredibly interesting, insectosaurus. Thanks.
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Thanks koeselitz - tag fixed, I would appreciate an edit when you have the time, mods!
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I bet the diary after the trials will be even better. I can't wait to hear her explain it all!
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Thank you very much for this.
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[fixed the typo, carry on!]
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I'm a nearly 42 year old male. It doesn't bother my ego at all to know that I would get my assed kicked by the 16 year old girl.

I heard this when it was first broadcast on NPR last monday. Nice story.
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Claressa Shields connecting with a left hook
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I was incredibly irritated when the day after this aired on NPR, they read emails of complaint about the length of the segment, "instead of news on Syria or the presidential election". Now, I understand the situation in Syria is significant (but certainly the election isn't...yet) but they cover that stuff every day. Long-form stories like this are different and in this case it was fantastic. I was grinning when it was over, feeling so happy and trepidatious for her.
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Well, thes explaens et all.
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