March 27, 2000
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Not that I'm into that sort of thing, but PillReports - apparently a spinoff of BlueLight (wonder how much KMart offered for that one) - offers moderated discussion about Ecstacy, so you might be able to get some idea of what that pill you just paid $20 for is likely to do to you. Things there aren't verified by actual lab tests like they are at DanceSafe, but it's better than being completely uninformed.
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And of course, I'm commenting on my own posts again. Yes, I spelled ecstasy wrong; no, I shouldn't have capitalized it; and yes, all of my links have to do with profanity, sex, and drugs.
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Oh man, two messups. It's, not .com. Duh. KMart has the .com. Duh. Smack me.
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Just as in the UK, the Police Foundation are set to advise the government to relax the penalties on the use of cannabis and to downgrade the classification of ecstasy. Though the government is unlikely to shift it's position on the subject - it doesn't win enough votes.
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