Avant-garde rooted in nineteenth century aesthethicism
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Santiago Caruso is an Illustrator from Buenos Aires who sometimes refers to himself as a graphic journalist. He has illustrated books and both album and book covers. He blogs here.
Discovered via The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus Some links NSFW.
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Drop dead gorgeous.
posted by seanmpuckett at 4:41 AM on March 7, 2012

Extraordinarily good. I had never seen his work before. Thank you. This is exactly the sort of enriching experience I most enjoy on Metafilter. I particularly like some of his Lovecraft illustrations: he produces something fresh and new with them, which is quite unusual for territory as well trodden as Lovecraft. He seems to be pursuing the interesting question - "what might Lovecraft's work have looked like if it were illustrated in the eighteenth or early nineteenth century" - the time most appropriate to the language that Lovecraft uses - although I think there are also echoes of Rodin and, in some of the Bloody Countess illustrations, Kubin?
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Yes, awesome stuff indeed. Thank you for posting!
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