The Runaways & the solo years
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After all these years, seeing Joan and Lita performing on the same stage in "School Days" and "Wasted" is a very strange feeling. Those two are such different musicians and songwriters.
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The hawt ...
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Thanks for this Ardirll. My neighbors in the next office maybe not so much....

Can't want to play some of those clips for my daughter and this reminds me that there is a shortage, if not to say dearth, of female rock and role models on my playlist. Something I will now have to correct so the next time she asks me to play that KKK song - she loves the Ramones - I can put on some of this too.
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Why Barack Obama Reminds Me Of Joan Jett

I clicked that as due diligence prior to coming up with some nasty crack and came away shut up not just by how well written it was but how insightful into the psychology of someone capable of becoming President of the United States - a thing which, as Hunter S. Thompson reminds us, is always going to be a strange and complicated thing.

That said, when I call her Joan Fucking Jett, I mean it as a compliment.
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That said, when I call her Joan Fucking Jett, I mean it as a compliment.

A necessary clarification due to the fact that when this same construction is used to refer to Barack Obama (as I hear more and more people saying) it is nothing like a compliment.
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@three blind mice

Don't forget The Donnas, Sleater Kinney, Breeders and if you want to go completely metal on her, Arch Enemy.
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So excellent. Thank you!
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When I was putting together that (previously), the revelation was this clip of Ms. Fucking Jett performing her late solo single "Fetish".

She got over the shyness problem, apparently.
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This gonna be a live album! And you're all gonna be on it!
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Yes, I will celebrate international women's day by listening to Joan Fucking Jett and the Runaways. Nothing could be more appropriate.
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I had no idea; I guess the whole bosozoku thing is pretty old.
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My thoughts are: they mesh perfectly, great guitar solo on the first track and in general. Love the vocals!
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From the Jackie Fox article: "When I met Barack Obama, in our first year of law school [...]"

Wait. How is it I knew that Cherie Currie is an accomplished chainsaw artist but did not know that Jackie Fox went to Harvard law with Barack Obama?
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Well that was fun. Thanks!

Johnny Guitar [live at the Cleveland Agora, 1976]

It's possible I was in the audience that night.

The RUNAWAYS!!! - Live in Japan 1977 TV special

And thirty years later, this leads to: Tsushimamire!

Previously on Metafilter.
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*slow clap*
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What impresses me most about the concert footage is how tight they are. Listen to live Aerosmith or AC/DC from that year, and all you will hear is slop. Of course, AC/DC made sloppy playing an artform, whereas for Aerosmith, it was a symptom of their lifestyles.
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I highly recommend Cherie Currie's memoir, Neon Angel. It was the basis for the movie The Runaways.
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What an awesome collection of links. I love that post by Jackie Fox; sometimes it's fun to try to piece together the different versions of the story--besides the recent Runaways movie with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, there's also Edgeplay, a documentary directed by Vicki Blue, Fox's replacement as bassist. (Joan Jett didn't participate in that film in any way, including giving permission to use any song with her on it. In return, Blue didn't sign off for the Runaways film, which Jett executive produced, and so they ended up making up a bassist character for the film.)

Also: Joan Jett - Rebel Rebel. Saw her do that song at Chicagofest about thirty years ago; still my peak live rock moment.
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