"If I didn't create art I would go crazy and this is a good enough reason to carry on."
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"I draw with a Biro pen, i paint with anything. I often run into the sea." Mark Powell draws old people on old envelopes with a plain old ballpoint pen.

From a short interview at The Hidden People web site:

Why envelopes?

"I choose envelopes because they hold an enigma. They have all carried and hidden something that will remain a mystery much like the images of the elderly that I draw. My portraits also show a journey that hasn’t been told."

He's also on Flickr and Twitter.
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Apparently, Adam Ant is a fan.
posted by taz at 3:11 AM on March 11, 2012

Some of those are creepy, some of those are inspiring, and some of those are inscrutable. I guess that makes it officially art. ;)
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His work has a Norman Rockwell feel to it. I like it. Thanks for the link!
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The nice thing about ballpoints is that you can get a light shading effect by just edging the tip until a little ink comes out. Lightly rubbing the pen at an angle, using it something like a pastel or piece of chalk, leaves a fainter blended layer of ink. One can do the same with pencil, of course, but ink has its own color and richness that pencil doesn't always equal, to my mind.
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I always feel so useless when I see people with talent like this. Stunning.
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I like these a lot, but isn't this Steve Urkel?
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I now remember licking and sticking these stamps onto Chrstmas cards. This will unsettle me all day...
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These are every bit as excellent as I was hoping they'd be when I read your description. Thanks!
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Beautiful, rich details. This makes me curious about his process
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Seriously talented artist. I wonder if by using the really old envelopes as his canvas if he's destroying something of archival worth though?
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This one is photo quality.
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