Athena Wheatley, a webcomic
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More diversity in sci-fi webcomix? Yes please: Athena Wheatley, or Warp & Weft features a black female scientist from the 19th century time-travelling to 9283. Fun, and looks good: Moebius meets Futurama meets Adventure Time (and sexy too! occasionaly cartoonishly NSFW)
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"Moebius meets Futurama meets Adventure Time"

(I predict that for the next month, Moebius will meet a lot of other somewhat derivative things...)
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"Watch out — she may be dangerous. Her people believed in a bearded demon god who would torture you forever if you didn't worship him"
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By Sylvan Migdal, whose "Where The Typos Og" was one of my fovarites!
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Should also be noted that the artist draws Curvy, definitely NSFW and hilarious.
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