The return of iamamiwhoami
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Remember iamamiwhoami? Jonna Lee's previously mysterious little music project complete with codes and secrets, has begun releasing new song-length videos every couple of weeks. On Valentines Day, Sever, then Drops. Today, Good Worker. The videos are just as odd as when the project first started.
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Sever was good, but I didn't like Drops or Good Worker very much. THey seem kind of bland in comparison to the older material. Also, they remind me that I wish Karin Dreijer Andersson would come out with a new album. Though if you like this kind of music, I'm finding Grimes quite good.
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She's been listening to her Kate Bush albums.
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I read that as "Remember iamkimiam?" and I was like, uh, yeah, she didn't go anywhere, did she? Happily, she did not.
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I miss the mystery aspect of the first phase of iamamiwhoami, but it couldn't keep going like that forever, especially after the big "live" event. Still, even without the whole mysterious bit, they're releasing solid songs and putting a serious amount of polish on everything that you don't expect from a group doing online-only distribution, and I love it.
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I read that as "Remember iamkimiam?"

When these videos first showed up on youtube I subscribed, because I thought, "She's that woman linguist or something from metafilter." Because I am slow I didn't disabuse myself of this notion for quite some time.
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The next video, "Play" comes out March 28th.
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Play. Love it.
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in due order
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