RL in '78, TJ in '83
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Oh yeah. There he is, Mr. RL Burnside, in the year of nineteen and seventy eight, Independence, Mississippi, porch fulla kids, singin' about when his first wife left him, million-dollar smile on his face. And there he is again, with his guitar and amp, out by the barb wire fence, a poor boy a long way from home. These two little gems just added to the Alan Lomax Archive YouTube channel, where you'll also find some wonderful newly-uploaded clips (filmed in 1983) from fretless banjo plucker Tommy Jarrell, the toast of Toast, North Carolina.
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RL Burnside, previously.
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Time to Shake 'em on down!

The audio is a little poor, but the close up on the slide guitar technique, incredible.
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Mrs Burnside Is Sick Of Your Shit
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On the first video listed, the pan to the little girl patting to the beat is a perfect moment captured.
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Awesome. After the first post about the Alan Lomax Archive Youtube channel I was a little disappointed at how few movies were up. And that all the Tommy Jarrell clips were of him playing the fiddle. The fiddle's great, but he's one of my all time favorite clawhammer banjo players.
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Wow, that Sweet Sunny South is absolutely amazing. And how unusual to think a youtube comment says it best: No Mr. Jarrell, you´╗┐ did not make a mess of it.
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I love me some RL Burnside . I really like the way the North Mississippi Allstars cover some of his songs and the fact they are from the part of Mississippi where this sound originated and that they seem to really love and understand this music.
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