Keith Haring's Journals
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The Keith Haring Foundation is posting Haring's journals to Tumblr for the duration of the exhibition Keith Haring: 1978–1982, opening tomorrow at the Brooklyn Museum.
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This is perhaps the greatest use of Tumblr, ever.

Also interesting to see that Keith Haring wasn't so hot with money. I have very similar pages in some of my old journals that would make anyone with a 401k weep.
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(Though it looks like Haring was a kid at the time of primitive checkbook usage. Thus making my own journals waaaayyyyyy more embarrassing.)
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This is awesome - thanks for posting it. Somewhere I have a little Radiant Baby button and I suddenly want to find it real bad.
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· Contents ·
  Club Code
  Money Records
  Imagination Original
  Walk for Hunger Pledges
  The Bible

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That is some serious packing for a couple of journals.
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DATE: MAY 9, 1971 DEPOSITED $.50
TOTAL $.61

Adjusting for inflation, this is still perplexing.
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Keith Haring: 1978–1982

And poor Keith never attained the artistic sophistication of other four year olds
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I love the use of ciphers in his notebook. Which reminded me of watching Decoded tv show and that mentioned the Beale paper ciphers. Interesting stuff.
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This is so great. Thank you, gyusan, for posting it. I'd never heard that this was coming, and I'm now so looking forward to this show.

I remember (wavy screen) subway commuting from Queens to Manhattan in high school and seeing these wild drawings, in what looked like chalk, on the black paper that was thrown up to cover expired subway ads. Babies and aliens and creatures with '30s cartoon eyes, all super simple and immediately memorable. It was only a few years later that I learned the artist's name. Keith Haring got a lot more famous (and commoditized), but my favorite works are still his subway pieces.
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I keep meaning to re-read the printed journals again. One of the things that sort of impressed me, was how they were not really about the process; pretty amazing how stratospheric his rise was.
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DATE: MAY 9, 1971 DEPOSITED $.50
TOTAL $.61

Adjusting for inflation, this is still perplexing.

The entry is dated May 9, 1971 -- five days after his 13th birthday.

All the more perplexing!
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Thank you for this. In my high school art class we had to do a research paper on an artist. I was given Keith Haring solely for the reason that my name is Keith. When researching him I great to really love and appreciate his work. It was simple and easy yet effective.

When it came to do my art history final in college I chose to do it on Keith Haring. Part of the project was writing a paper and another part of the project was imitating the artist. Living in Boston I took the T every day to work and school. The T in Boston has ads on the inside walls and some of these walls are held up in open metal frames. I rode around on the T for couple of hours drawing on poster boards and covering up these ads with simple drawings that hopefully made people think about the ad space. I got some strange looks from people and some older women yelled at me for covering up ads that a company paid to hang up. Unfortunately all the pictures I have from the project are lost.
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There's an ongoing debate here in Melbourne about whether or not a badly faded Keith Haring mural should be repainted or stabilised, and it looks like painting a replica nearby might be the compromise.
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I love that the Keith Haring Foundation was established to support AIDS and children's charities. I just hope partial profit of these shoes goes to it as well. And, I must mention my favorite K.H. art car. I last saw it at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA as part of their Art in the Streets exhibition. Although, I do love the BMW as well.
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