anti-gravity loopkicks by LiL B
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Lil B Loopkicks Camp 2011 Sampler | Brandon "Lil B" McCuien (born April 4, 1990) is a Street Tumbler from Little Rock, Arkansas. He started cheering when he was 7 and is now currently a cheerleader in Garland, Texas. In July 2010, he showed that he had taken an interest to freerunning by releasing an outdoor freerunning sampler. | Team Loopkicks is a martial arts demonstration team that promote the art of sport karate and tricking which is a combination of kicks, flips, and twists
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That threw me for a loop for just a second. This "Lil b" is Brandon McCuien, born in 1990, but I was thinking of the other "Lil B", Brandon McCartney born in 1989. BasedGod moonlighting as an incredible gymnast would be quite a story...
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The floor tumbling in the freerunning sampler video is pretty amazing.
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If only the floor routines in Olympic gymnastics competitions were this cool...
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Aside from all the obvious reasons this is awesome, I think it's really cool to see how enthusiastic all these people are about each others' performances. They all charge in after good tricks to cheer and pat each other on the back.
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They need to remake The Last Dragon and put this kid in it.
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This guy needs to be an action movie star — he's like an American Tony Jaa.
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Why did I misread that as "Street Tumblr"? Time to get off the internet and go outisde.
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Shark party, you said exactly what I was coming in here to say. That was awesome.
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Just wow.
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I'm most impressed by the part in the freerunning sampler where he gaps the tall rectangular block as part of a sequence of flips in one direction, continues to the edge of the gymnastics floor, ceases momentum with a single tumble, takes less than a second to regain equilibrium, then smoothly flips back over the block in the opposite direction.
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The reversals in direction are astonishing, they fooled my eyes - thanks for posting!
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One thing I love about this is that, unlike some feats of extreme skill, none of it looks unphysical to me— all the motion is just as you'd expect, action, reaction, angular momentum— but watching a human being do it with such skill and grace literally gives me chills.
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This guy must have drank some of that juice that the gummi bears in the Gummi Bears cartoon were always drinking.
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Must have drunk? Must have dranken? Ugh.
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I'm pretty sure I can't do that. I haven't tried, but I still am pretty sure.
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I was a competition gymnast, and at my peak performance, championship level training, I could never have done that. That is magic and art and physics all rolled into an amazing human.
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Oh SHIT! If you're reading this thinking "yeah sure" - no, watch that video.
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If this were gymnastics it would be pretty uneven. They got applause for things that were moderately difficult but executed poorly. I love the way they build up momentum and then use that to hurl themselves up into the air, but I found myself wincing at the potential injuries.
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all I can think is that I once sprained my ankle walking down a ramp.
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I was just a recreational gymnast but I've been a fan for a long time. I must be old: I'm so grateful to see him learning his tricks indoors on spring floors and tumble tracks (long strips of trampoline) instead of outdoors on fields and streets. He's a joy to watch despite the form issues (his twisting technique made me wince). I laughed out loud when he came up off the tumble track to bounce off the wall in one of the videos. He looks like he's having so much fun.

Thanks, nickyskye.
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