They say the virgin mary, I say it's a smudge.
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They say the virgin mary, I say it's a smudge. I'm pretty tired of seeing this Elian story go on and on, and apparently most people that read CNN think so too. It's funny, if a news story lasts more than a month, I can't even remember why I cared either way in the first place (see OJ, Iran-Contra Hearings, anything to do with Columnbine).
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"And for that I say to the government, shame on you. Shame on you."
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Hmmmm... So Elian told Diane Sawyer he doesn't want to go back to Cuba... Of course he wouldn't, if he believes his mother is still alive somewhere in Miami. I doubt that the boy's "freedom-loving" Miami relatives have done much to discourage that kind of thinking, do you? This kid's is doomed to be either the pawn of the current Cuban dictator or of a future one.

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Okay, I double-posted, but YOU misspelled Columbine.
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What happened to my double-post? Damn, you're fast, Howie.
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