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TIGsource is a blog about indie video games that also has a very active forum community of both amateur and professional indie game designers/programmers/artists. About two months ago one of the forum members (Daid) whipped up a tool to display the art images of a particular thread so he could find something, and it turns out it's a pretty great thing just to browse for its own sake, which you can do here. Updated once a day and, obviously, image intensive. [previous tigsource mentions]
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Side note, I used to be a fairly active member of the TIGForums but I've noticed a decline recently. There's very few notable projects coming out of the community lately (this and Proteus being obvious exceptions) and there hasn't been a competition in months. It's sad to see a community that used to be so active and vibrant falling into disrepair like this.
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Dang, that's too bad. I only check the main blog once or twice a month anymore, and noticed this image thing in the sidebar today.
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Yeah, I used to check TIGSource all the time, but it's fallen into disrepair. They started so many cool things... hopefully they're just busy with those.

This is fun to browse, thanks for posting.
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Used to revert to TIGSource when I'd heard of interesting new projects on another site. Been a while since my most recent lookup but hope it survives.. at least as a resource.
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