Jake Kelly. Cleveland Rock Illustrator
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Jake Kelly is a Cleveland, OH, based comic and concert artist. One of many rock artists in the area, he is prominently known for his really great concert fliers, promoting upcoming shows at venues around town. Last year, he completed a collaborative project titled 10 Imaginary Movies, where he created fake movie posters with local artist John G. He has also created murals for a number of area locations including The Grog Shop, Melt Bar and Grilled, and the Arts Collinwood Community Center.

On the side, he maintains a blog titled Little Brown Mugs With Wooden Handles.
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Just a note, he is the second segment of the "fake movie posters" link.
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Haha, that's a nice blog.

And booo no comments; this Cleveland resident finds this post to be awesome.
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Well, I'm more of a Derek Hess or Clay Parker kind of guy than a Jake Kelly guy, but then, I'm an Old.

Speaking of which, it's only the last picture (#10) in the Grog Shop link that's Jake's work - the other mural (#7) is Clay.

For 104 pages of Cleveland Rock Art (including Derek Hess, Jake Kelly & John G), go here:
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I also like Clays work, but I never knew his first name until now. The fliers of his I have are only signed "Parker" or "C.M.P.", and he doesn't have much online (likely due to the shows being from upwards of 20 years ago).
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Huzzah. This Cleveland resident seconds palidor.
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