Let's Pretend We're Marionettes
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When artist Troy Gua wanted a new project to cheer himself up with, he hit on the idea of making a tribute to his favorite musician. Le Petit Prince, a 1/6 scale doll of The Purple One, was born.
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I thought Prince was 1/16 scale in real life.
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And then Prince sued the shit out of him.
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Ohmigod, those eyes. The only thing creepier would be a Prince/My Little Pony combo.

Which, I suppose, this kind of is. MyLittlePrince.
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That is pretty awesome. I kind of want one.

What I really want is a photo of Prince holding Le Petit Prince holding an even smaller Prince. We could call it "The Last Artist Who Is Visible as Prince."


If he had a cutie mark, I wouldn't be at all surprised....
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It's one of those pages where the more you scroll down, the awesomer it becomes. I mean, the bubble bath! The pegasus! The yellow lace onesie!
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My god the NUMBER of photos. The guy has put a terrifyingly large amount of time into this. ..
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Kevin Smith on filming a documentary for Prince:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

It's a masterfully-told tale with rare insights into the mind of Prince (formerly known as the Artist formerly known as Prince)
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That's fandom verging on a restraining order.
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Le Petit Prince was made late in 2011 in an attempt to cleanse myself from what I had been making and felt was becoming cynical and self-indulgent work.

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Near the top of the page I was thinking "it's too bad Prince's fashion sense didn't influence the rest of the world. I'd totally be down with purple coats and ruffles and high-heeled boots."

And then I got to the assless lace thing and, well, everything else really, and I thank my lucky stars that Prince's fashion since remained firmly lodged in Prince.
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I feel for anyone who doesn't "get" this. Even if you're not a Prince fan, everyone should know what it's like to genuinely love something/someone enough to do something like this.
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Fred Armisen won't even have to wear makeup to look like this guy.
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If he had a cutie mark, I wouldn't be at all surprised....

What do you think The Symbol was?
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Dude, when you are working at scale you have got to do a weathering dark rinse to hit the valleys and then dry brush with lightened base colour for highlights. All that effort and the guitars look "ready for detailing".

/modelling nerd
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I went to a Prince concert once. It was in a huge venue where I'd seen others perform.

I can say without hesitation that this is actually 1:1 scale. You needed a telescope the size of Mount Palomar's to see him on stage.
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Even better than this is Gua's Pop Hybrids series.

The Pope John Paul Stanley
The Davids 2.0
The Artists Formerly and Currently Known As Prince

And many more.
Good stuff.

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Cashmere facial and body hair doesn't sound quite luxurious enough for Prince.
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I once stayed at the Hard Rock in Vegas and they have one of Prince's purple crushed velvet suit and frilly shirt ensembles from the 80s. Looking at the waistband on those pants, you're certain that they must belong to a child or a petite woman.
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I love love love this.
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