Cyber Patrol hacker sells out for one dollar
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Cyber Patrol hacker sells out for one dollar < I made my political point and just don't want further annoyance... ...Mattel initiated legal action in e-mail subpoenas in mid-March and Skala and Jansson removed cphack from their sites, but not before urging computer activists to copy and distribute it.... ...Nevertheless, some mirror site operators think open source software protections make the issue moot. The court cannot impose an Internet ban because cphack was released under the GNU General Public License... > perhaps you've seen this--the final decision will be interesting with repect to free speech and the GNU GPL. something to watch anyhow.
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Before it all vanished, I snagged a copy. MWAAhaahaahaa...

Actually, the writeup about how they cracked the cipher is a riot; the damned thing's about as much protection as a piece of wet tissue paper. They managed to figure out a way to bring it down to strength 2^16, which can be cracked by brute force in under a second.
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I hearby claim this thread and all its riches for the honor and glory of myself. And nobody else.
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Damn you kathryn!
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