Doug Aitkin's Song 1 at the Hirshhorn
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Artist Doug Aiken's projection installation, Song 1 on the façade of the donut-shaped Hirshhorn Museum in DC opened last night. The work is a looped video installation of many people singing "I Only Have Eyes for You." It's very atmospheric and finally brings some art that enlivens the somewhat strange shape of the museum's exterior. I heard him speak and then got to see the installation. It's beautiful. If you're in DC definitely come down to the National Mall after dusk (projection runs nightly until midnight).
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The Hirsh has long been my favorite of the DC art museums... I love walking around in the sculpture garden. Might have to go back soon!
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I live in DC (just moved) and I am going. Apparently Lucky Dragons did some sounds (along with No Age, Beck and I think Thurston Moore)
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Cool. Set to run through May 13.
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looks very fine even in image.

if you liked that then you've got to see this....
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Runs nightly until Midnight through May 13.

All that editorializing in the FPP...can we keep that stuff to [more inside] or the first comment, please?
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exogenous beat me to the date clarification, serves me right for complaining I guess!
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