Instruments from the Inside
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Näher an der Klassik (Closer to the Classical) is an advertising campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic which features macro photographs that turn the inner spaces of musical instruments into lovely, cathedral-like spaces.
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Holy jesus god is this cool. It's one of those "Of course!" ideas, but the brilliant thing is coming up with it in the first place.
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This is so awesome I don't know where to start. I want to live inside a cello now.
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Oh wow, that is really cool.

A good place to mention that I really enjoyed the documentary on the BP, Das Reichsorchester
posted by Think_Long at 9:59 AM on March 23, 2012

The only thing not awesome about this are the memories of Huey Lewis' "Hip To Be Square" video.
posted by Trurl at 10:01 AM on March 23, 2012

Superb ads - especially since the message is so tightly tied to the visual as well (unlike many enjoyable ads that don't have anything to say about the product, e.g. drumming gorillas for chocolate).

Also makes you wonder what the inside of Pro Tools or Autotune looks like...
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Wonderful, thanks for sharing these!
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Fantastic! This is what my dreams look like.

And they sound like Geets Romo riffing on living in his rent-controlled violin, and pigs and ponies in pedal-depressed pan-chromatic resonance.
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That's so lovely. It's such a straightforward idea, I feel like someone must have done it first, but I sure haven't seen it. Has anyone seen a picture of the camera they used to get these?
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The the inside of the strings are the best, very very cool, like the attics of big Victorian houses or something.

The only thing not awesome about this are the memories of Huey Lewis' "Hip To Be Square" video.

Erk. I had only remembered the x-treme close-ups of Huey Lewis' face (the whole "we can mount a mini-cam on a mic stand or drumstick" must have been cutting edge for the time), but a quick check on the YouTube showed they did plunge inside the sax at one point.

And, now, thanks Trurl, for that song in my head for the next hour.
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