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VGJUNK looks at "Gonbee no I'm Sorry", a strange Japanese arcade maze game released in 1985 by Banpresto and Sega that mocked notoriously corrupt former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei "Shogun of Darkness" Tanaka, who was convicted in 1983 of taking 1.8 million dollars from Lockheed Martin in exchange for letting them sell planes to the national airline.
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Brilliant! Thanks, MAME!
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This dovetails nicely with this American Japanese Language School skit by the Rahmens
Bad language and a lot of Tanaka Kakuei.
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When will there be a sequel, set in the mighty halls of Olympus?
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Oh, boy:
Fukuda and Tanaka soon became the two battling heir apparents of Satō's faction, and their rivalry was dubbed by the Japanese press as the "Kaku-Fuku War."
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This game has sick background music. I did a remix of it about 7 years ago that stands as one of my favorite things in the universe.
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When I was a boy I wanted nothing more than a cool nickname. I wanted people to greet me with "Hey, Werewolf!" or whisper "Look out, here comes the Fire Warrior!" or other such things that seem so cool when you're nine years old, and seem so silly today. As I grew older that impulse faded into nothing, especially when I came to realize that most people who end up with nicknames like that are either people who do something extremely dangerous for sport or a living, or people who do something outrageously criminal. All that said, even today there's that little-boy part of me that would be willing to do whatever foolhardy, criminal action that would ensure that people would whisper to each other as I entered a room, "Look out, here comes the Shogun of Darkness."
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Great remix Palmfrond, but why does it cut off so suddenly at the end?
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Huh, I always thought it was Richard Nixon, and the guy with the whip was Spiro Agnew.
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No, I'm interested in your character. You're not playing as a merciless yellow mouth-demon devouring the spirits of the dead, or a morose blob with no head and eyes for nipples
Did anyone else click that link, read the article and assume it must be an elaborate prank? An alt-history atari game series that never actually happened.
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Delmoi: No. Only a few days after President Obama's election, I was playing Super Obama World. So, yeah, I see where this game is coming from.
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/pedantic mode: Lockheed Martin didn't exist at the time. It was just Lockheed in 1983. /pedantic mode off.
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This is weirdly ahead of its time, games as political satire, 30 years later and we still haven't caught up...
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Wut no gameplay video?
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Aces for me, politcal commentary for me always loosens some laughters
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